Quality Dutch Butchers Association opts for innovation

Benefits of increased innovation and flexibility


Blast Product installed
Digital sidewalk signs for all Fresh platform affiliates such as: Butchers, Fishers and Bakers associations.


100+ Fresh platform Butchers, Fishers, and Bakers associations located throughout in the Netherlands


Continuous rollout since 2016 and growing


Business case

• Removing the burden of managing poster content

• Flexibility for entrepreneur

• Increase public stopping power

• Image boost for innovation

• Easy and quick management of promotions from a central

• Ability to adjust actions directly to weather conditions and stock

See what Blast has meant for the Dutch Butchers associations

Looking to reduce managing posters, and directly influence your public? Driving your sales by real-time targeting based on today’s current situation.  Guide and capture your audience by allowing your digital signage to promote the deal of the day based on today’s factors. The possibilities are endless.  Let us walk you through your customer journey!

"You see the attention span for a digital sign is great. People really stop and stare, which is the exact moment we entice them with our content to enter the store, and that is exactly the goal.”
Blast quality butcher pavement sign
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