Why we do what we do

The evolution of printed communication have proven in the past their value. However, as the world around us embraces the rapidly developing 24/7 digital technology, it is time for industry to give their markets just what they want and need, when they want it.  

At Blast we distinguish ourselves from traditional Digital Signage suppliers by specifically targeting the customer journey. Together with our clients we accurately assess those key moments that allow us to captivate, influence and guide the customer. Side by side with our client we develop a complete business case, based on the desired goals and experiences taught by a potential pilot. In this manner we secure your investment and make sure your use of Digital Signage delivers maximum results. All these solutions provide a more targeted customer approach which results in a higher return of investment.  At Blast we know that your success is our success!  


Using high-end hardware, intelligent software solutions, relevant content and the support of the Blast team we help you to: 

  • Increase revenue and revenue volume 
  • Reduce your marketing campaign costs 
  • Influence the customer journey 
  • Create loyalty and engagement 
  • Create an experience that provides a persistent message 
  • Save on production, distribution and placement of point of sale materials 
  • Implement environmentally responsible marketing content 
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