Blast shows how digital signage can improve your business!

10 September 2019

The Abri displays are a Nationwide network spread throughout the Netherlands.

Blast gets a new office!

3 September 2019

Blast gets a new office!

Car Wash Show Europe on September 18 & 19

20 August 2019

Join us in Amsterdam this September! Blast will be exhibiting at the Car Wash Show Europe!

Blast is expanding horizons together with Nordland Systems GmbH

4 July 2019

Blast and Nordland Systems GmbH initiated a partnership for the German and Austrian market.

Blast Digital Signage and MMD Media at petrol stations

14 June 2019

Shopping at gas stations is becoming more and more normal. Digital Signage helps increase engagement.

Blast official partner of Grolsch

15 January 2019

Blast sets up a complete playground with Grolsch with Blast products!

Blast Digital Signage introduced in hotels

3 January 2019

Digital signage is the way to reach customers effectively. Blast and Minicards have started placing digital signage in hotels in and around Amsterdam.

Blast delivers Digital Petrol Displays in Belgium

29 October 2018

Both the MAES locations and the ESSO stations that are managed by MAES were equipped with 416 Digital Petrol Displays from the summer holidays.

GP Groot opts for innovative digital signage solution from Blast

3 October 2018

Cup of coffee? Blast provides GP Groot Gas Stations with an Indoor Digital Signage solution for their coffee and service corners.

Ultimate customer experience stands or falls with customer journeys

15 June 2018

At Blast we believe that the focus should not be on the product, but on the 'customer journey'.

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