Bringing product displays to the next level!   

Steal your customers attention by combining your product with living dynamic media! The Hypebox is a high-end transparent display available from 19” to 84”, bringing crystal clear screen time and product presentation together.  The Hypebox has an interactive high resolution touchscreen interface bringing your content to reality.  

Blast digital signage Hypebox

Crystal clear transparency 

The screen is fully transparent. The high contrast allows your customer to enjoy the living details in any environment.  


True Multi-Touch 

Via the true multi-touch functionality of the Hypebox your customers are able to access more layers of information of your products. 


High resolution LCD 

The high resolution LCD screen of the Hypebox puts power behind the content, giving the user a very realistic experience.  


LED lighting 

The clarity of LED lighting in the Hypebox capturing your product in the perfect lit environment.  



The Hypebox is designed for 24/7 use. The low energy usage of this continuous content assists in keeping costs reduced. 


Simplicity in managing content 

By using the Blast Cloud Content Management System you are able to distribute your actual content from one system to all your Hypeboxes. Via the Cloud you control when where and what you want to present.  


Plug and Play ready 

The Hypebox is delivered with a plug and play system, installed inclusive the Blast Player and  CMS system.  Place your products inside the display, plug-in and play.  

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