Think bigger with the best battery powered sidewalk sign

With the Battery Powered Sidewalk Sign 55" from Blast are you able to create the perfect first impression! Guide, inspire and activate the (potential) customer or guest with relevant content and the perfect message. This sidewalk sign is equipped with a battery, which is operational for at least 16 hours. Because the sidewalk sign has a battery and is wireless, the sidewalk sign can be placed in any desired place and you are able to directly influence the purchasing behavior of your customer or guest.

Blast Battery powered sidewalk sign 55"

Several projects and independent marketing analysis have shown an increase of 149,8% traffic into the shops. By using more elaborate digital marketing displays the digital sidewalk sign can bring your public into action. The previously static messages from posters come to life showing the latest sales or new product introductions.  

This environmentally friendly solution instantly eliminates paper waste, reducing CO2 transport emissions, and the prevention of increasing numbers of paper, plastic, ink, chemicals and paint going into landfills. 


The beste battery powered sidewalk sign 

  • Larger display, from 43" to 55"
  • 30% higher light output from the screen
  • 20% more battery capacity
  • More energy-efficient, therefore 30% longer operationel
  • Fully recyclable, better for the environment

Trust is good, Blast Control is better

  • Blast manages 3500+ systems in- and outside the Netherlands
  • 24/7 automatic remote monitoring and service 
  • If necessary, fast service on site
  • No on-site repair, but a replacement of the sidewalk sign until yours is repaired (hot swap)

Control your content with the Blast CMS or go for unburdeing with Blast studio

Easily manage images on the Digital Sidewalk Sign with our Blast Content management system. Easily schedule campaigns, promotions, opening hours and add replays so that certain campaigns are only visible only on weekends, for example.

Choose our studio if you don't have any experience in creating footage. We can animate and plan images for you. For example, we currently take care of Coop supermarkets, PLUS supermarkets,, Jumbo and much more. All you must do is roll the Sidewalk Sign out! If an action week is over, no problem. Blast manages all the footage and ensures that it disappears from circulation on the correct date.

Various purchasing options

Full purchase is possible, but we also work with an excellent leasing company so that the investment is spread over a term.

More information? +31 (0)85-4015030 or mail us!

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