Digital Sidewalk Signs 


With a digital sidewalk sign you create the perfect first impression!   

Guide, inspire and activate your potential customer with relevant content and the perfect message. With this first impression you are now able to directly influence the market.  


Several projects and independent marketing analysis have shown an increase of 149,8% traffic into the shops.  By using more elaborate digital marketing displays the digital sidewalk sign can bring your public into action. The previously static messages from posters come to life showing the latest sales or new product introductions.  


This environmentally friendly solution instantly eliminates paper waste, reducing CO2 transport emissions, and the prevention of increasing numbers of paper, plastic, ink, chemicals and paint going into landfills. 



  • Inspire and directly bring your audience into action 
  • Create brand recognition and an experience 
  • Modern look  
  • Environmentally responsible (reduce posters, transport, waste) 
  • Save costs on the production and replacement of store POS materials 
  • Distribute the content from one system to all your stores  
  • Quickly adapt your message locally or globally.  
  • Frames are able to be adapted to any desired house style.  
  • Weather resistant 
  • Leasing possibilities 
  • Ease of portable placement and yet theft resistant.  
  • Pre-plan and control your own studio marketing materials with user-friendly Blast CMS 

Blast! All-in 
Whichever solution you go for; for a fixed monthly amount you will be fully relieved. Know exactly where you stand without having to do anything yourself. This makes purchasing very attractive!

  • Advising
  • Product
  • Commissioning
  • Warranty during the term
  • Cloud Content Management Systeem


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