AVIA knows their customers 

Knowing which customer is at the pump and showing specific content to trigger their interest!

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Blast Product chosen
600+ petrol displays

200+ manned and unmanned gas stations throughout Europe

Roll-out 2018

 Why did Avia choose Digital Petrol Displays
• Increase engagement
• Provide customers with correct, relevant content

Business case
ROI Payback model through exploitation

See what Blast has meant for AVIA

Distinguish your forecourt and store with various possibilities. Generate more sales, inform, innovate and engage your customers.  Blast has innovative technology to measure how successful your marketing campaigns really are.  Remove poster content and go digital to see the impact on costs and consumers in real-time.

Digitale Petrol Display AVIA Blast Digital Signage

“This customized solution provides us the opportunity to know which customer is at which pump and at that moment in time to show that customer exactly what we want them to see.”
Digitale Petrol Display AVIA - Blast Digital Signage
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